Germany based, Nigerian Singer & Songwriter, Stanley Okoro better known as Stanley Rubyn, They called him the male version of the famous Tracy Chapman, and while some say, he is the new Ganartt silk of Jamaica, Stanley has his own flair and is very versatile, when it comes to singing.
Hailing from a small town in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, Limbe, the power of Stanley Rubyn’s music is a product of his intense upbringing on the streets. Rising swiftly above his surroundings, Stanley’s passion for music and dance led him to Lagos/Nigeria, France and Germany.
Stanley grew up with the family tradition to sing and pray every morning before leaving the house. Because of that, his musical abilities developed fast and his interest in music grew substantially when he had his first studio session back in 2004/5. He remembers: “hearing my voice on a recording for the first time was so fulfilling that I knew this was my purpose. Singing was what I was meant to be doing for the rest of my life.”
However, his career in the entertainment industry kickstarted firstly with dancing when he and some of his friends found the dance crew called “jungle breakers”.
In 2006 Stanley moved to Lagos and started working as a choreographer and dance instructor in different schools and dance institutions. With two other dancers from lagos he founded another dance crew called “Space unlimited”, which got him well known in the dance scene and got him invited from a dance academy in Germany.
When he got to Germany to continue his dance career in 2008, the music inside of Stanley was burn to come out so he tought himself to play the guitar and later moved to Berlin in 2010. Music projects started to develope from there. His first music project was a short music Films for the German Choir called “wann kommst du”, directed by Thomas Grube, that was his breakthrough into the music industry.
In 2011 Stanley was signed to a music label, however, it did not get in the direction he wanted to so he decided to take matters into his own hands.
For more than 5 years he developed and fine tuned his skills when playing in the streets and gained his recognition in Berlin. In this time he recorded his first (EP) and (LP).
Since then Stanley is known for his passionate performances and heartfelt song craft. He performed at numerous events throughout Europe, including Vienna and Switzerland as an opening act for the legendary, Inner Circle and for the new power generation band of late legendary Prince and since then released several singles and albums.
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