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Past Events

Stanley Rubyn & Band @ Afrika Tage Wien

Stanley Rubyn life at Stimmenfestival

Stanley Rubyn with True Wibe Nation

Stanley Rubyn at Werkstatt der Kulturen

Stanley Rubyn @ Africa Day Hamburg

Live at Karneval der Kulturen Berlin

Live at Kamerun Haus Berlin

Potsdamer Erlebnisnacht

Afrika Festival Nürnberg

Live at Kenako

Tropical Island

Fujiama Roadshow

Live at Schiffrestaurant Potsdam

Street Festival in Biesenthal

Stanley Rubyn / private Gig – Wedding

Live at John Barnett Schiffrestaurant

Stanley Rubyn / privat event

Stanley Rubyn opening for Carlou D

Live at Karneval der Kulturen

Stanley Rubyn at Magdalena Club

Special guest at Bebi Philip Concert

Live at Casada Richtfest

Special guest @ book launch from Onoja Itodo

Live for the Village Pioneer Project

Live with Irie Révoltés

Supporting “People make Maendeleo” Projekt

Special guest @ Columbiahalle Berlin

Live at Africa Soccer Cup International

Live @ YAAM

Live @ Berlin Guitars

Live @ YAAM

Live at John Barnett Schiffsrestaurant

Roadshow – Fujiama Nightclub

Solo Concert at Fotoexhibition

Roadshow – Fujiama Nightclub

Live at John Barnett Schiffsrestaurant


Concert at Makénéné Lounge

Konzert im Cafe Öpfelbaum

CD Release-Party

“Plötzlich am Meer – Festival”

Afrika Tag in Essen

Stanley Rubyn at Kenako Festival

Stanley Rubyn at Karneval der Kulturen

Art-Exhibition launch

Live at Linnen

Live at Café Buna

Thanks giving concert

Live at Linnen

Live for Global New Generation

Konzert am Afrika-Markt

Kiwara-Lodge Leipzig

Live Concert on a Ship

LIVE Unplugged

Live at Lumumba Disco Bar

Live with Teresa Bergman