Hailing from a small town in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, the power of Stanley Rubyn’s music is a product of his intense upbringing on the streets. Rising swiftly above his surroundings Stanley’s passion for music and dance led him to Lagos/Nigeria, France and Germany.

I was born and raised in Cameroon but my parents are both Nigerian. I am the 4th of 5 children, we grew up with my mom in the Southern region of Cameroon in a small town called Limbe, formally known as Victoria Iland.
I studied at School of Life, however, growing up the way we did I eneded up having to teach myself almost everything I know today.
It was a tradition in our family to sing and pray every morning before we left the house, so it’s safe to say my musical abilities developed fast, having home based lessons and all. 
My interest in music grew substantially when I had my first studio session back in 2004/5. I remember, hearing my voice on a recording for the first time and it was so fulfilling that I knew this was my purpose singing was what I was meant to be doing for the rest of my life.
My career in entertainment was actually kickstarted by dancing and it was not long after I started that myself and some great dancers in my home town, teamed up and we founded the first b-boy dance crew  called (Jungle breakers).
Over time I developed my vocal skills which then allowed me to gear my career towards becoming a musician.
I moved to Lagos in 2006 and worked as a choreographer and a dance instructor in different schools and dance institutions in Lagos. I ended up meeting two great dancers from Lagos at the time, with whom I founded another dance crew called, Space unlimited. 
As time progressed I started developing musically and it was not long before I decided that music was the way. Fate, however, had other plans and I got an invitation letter from a dance academy in Germany and my plans to make music was interrupted.
I got to Germany in 2008, by then the music inside of me was burn to come out so I took up the guitar and learned how to play. After moving to Berlin in 2010 I started doing more music projects and less dancing. I took part in a short music Films, for the German Choir called, wann kommst du and the story unfolds.  
I was signed to a record Label in 2011 and nothing happened. For a long time I questioned my position as a musician as my career didn’t seem to be moving at least not at the pace I wanted it to. That’s when I decide to take matters into my own hands and started playing in the streets of Berlin. 
I played as a street musician for more than 5 years, developing and fine tuning my skills, I finally gained some recognition in Berlin and was able to raise funds for my first ever recorded (EP) and (LP).
Busking became almost impossible though, after the government passed on a new law banning street art and street musicians from playing on specific touristic places.
I have played a numerous amount of gigs in varying venues throughout Berlin and want to continue the momentun with the release of my new Album.